1. Information about park:

According to existing legislation, Charyn State National Natural Park has the status of environmental and scientific institution of republican significance and it’s managed by the Committee of Forestry and Fauna of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Charyn State National Natural Park was established by order of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the 23rd of February in 2004 № 213 on the area of ​​93150 hectares in order to preserve and restore the unique natural complexes of Almaty region, which has special ecological , historical , scientific , aesthetic and recreational value. By the  Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 121 of February 6, 2009 the territory  of the Park was expanded, 32900 hectares of lands of the state land inventory and land for the needs of defense was attached, the total area of the Park is 127050 hectares. In the administrative – economic relation existing area of the park is located in the Uygur, Enbekshikazakh and Raiymbek district of Almaty region, in 7 km west of the village Shonzhy and 200 km east of Almaty.

  • The main protected objects
  1. The site Ulken Buguty includes the north east part of the mountain range Ulken Buguty with foothills within the boundaries of the Uighur district on the lands of the state reserve. the main task is the protection of unique geological objects with mineral complex (molibdemit , scheelite , pyrite , chalcopyrite , and others .), expansion of habitat of gazelles , t , protection of saxaul in the foothills , protection of the 61 species of rare and endemic plants as well as their communities.
  2. Kyzyl Karasai is the place of habitat and calving of gazelles , the habitat of rare species of birds (saker falcon, bustard beauty), it is only in Kazakhstan, the locus of relict plants, as well as 11 other rare species of plants and fragments of relict ash forests in canyons. The presence of water objects with mineral waters of particular balneological value.
  3. Charyn canyon, according to the decision of the Government dated 30 June 2005 № 657 refers to the list of geological, hydrogeological and objects in the list of subsoil areas of special ecological , scientific and other value assigned to the category of specially protected natural territories of Republican values ​​.  The steep rocky slopes of the canyon, paleontological finds, including fossil of animals found in this area , as well as rare species of flora and fauna are protected here.

In accordance to the Article 45 of the new Law of  Environmental Protection of the territory 4 functional areas are highlighted:

  • Reserve Status Area – 9427.5 hectares
  • Zone of Environmental Stabilization – 13147.3 hectares
  • Tourism and Recreation Area – 77739 hectares
  • Zone of limited economic activity – 26736.2 hectares

Protected zone of a total area of 35 923 hectares was set by akim solution № 23 on the 9th of February in 2012.

The organizational structure of the park: management of the Park, 5 departments, the total staff is 46 people.

On the territory of the Park is situated the Charyn Ash country house — it is declared a natural monument of the Decree of the Kazakh SSR Council of Ministers on March 19, 1964 №447- p. The area is 5014 hectares. There are 32 species of mammals, 18 species of herpetofauna , 4 species of amphibians , more than 100 species of birds in the territory of the Park. The park is rich in flora , about 1000 species of plants , of which more than 50 plants are rare and endemic.

There are 3 tourist routes length of 49 kilometers.

“Charyn Ashen grove”

The groves area is 5014 hectares, on 1,100 hectares grows only ash. Guarded relic from the era of the Paleogene, Ash Sogdian is hygrophilous. Here preserved intact natural stands of Sogdian ash . They constitute the main type of forest plant communities cover approximately 35 % of the forested area . Ash Sogdian in a valley of Charyn river has a fairly wide ecological amplitude . It can withstand salinity and drying of floodplain soils , so it is extended to high floodplain and floodplain terraces . On the terraces above the floodplain ash is part of the desert communities with the dominance of saxaul , Eurotia , ephedra , forming a unique community. At high floodplain terraces grow Asiatic , which is the same age as Ash Sogdian , and is a relic and endemic of the ash garden. The nature monument is rich in varied plants, there are 50 species of rare and relic plants. Ash country house is geological interesting. Recent tectonic movements appeared in a different forms, sometimes in the form of folded deformations. For vacationers in the country house has a summer terrace with 100 seats. Also, there are guest houses. People who visit our ash wood, immersed in a particular emotional state , begin to think about the meaning of life , what is the unknown . Fresh air, special silence.

Charyn canyon » Valley of Castles «

Charyn Canyon is located in 195 km from Almaty city to the east route Almaty — Narynkol . To reach the canyon , in the directions -Chundzha Almaty , Almaty — Narynkol need to turn in the direction of the route Almaty — Narynkol and pass before turning the pointer » Charyn Canyon 16 km «, further drive off the highway onto a dirt road and we reach the control — checkpoint , a distance of 10 km. While riding across the steppes in spring time , you can see the beautiful blooming steppe. This steppe is fraught with a thousand-year history of the Kazakhs , who fought for their land in order to protect  people from invasion of  Zhungars . On the way you can meet steppe eagles , golden eagles , gazelles , which are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan , as well as you can see foxes and hares .

Charyn canyon » Valley of Castles » is located on the crustal faults , at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level . The height of the cliffs and towers 370 meters. The length of the canyon 3 km, width from 200 to 700 meters. Route flat terrain stretching from west to east . The route starts with the trigger ladder reaching up to the bed of the Charyn River , which is a wonderful glade and recreation for the guests. There you will meet great chefs with national cuisine,
here you can get acquainted with the traditions of the Kazakh culture and rest in a yurt.
The South Block is composed of rocks Carboniferous volcanic lavas and tuffs , dating back about 330 million years. The fault is located near the mouth of the young volcano , composed by plagioandezits . Its age is about 250 million years.
This crater was later washed away and shipped together with the whole area of ​​the lake and blocked clays with interlayer of gravel and crushed stone, which composes the northern block. The » Valley of Castles » is clearly seen as on the plagioandezits , with large cracks and weathered , layered on top lie orange — gray clays with interlayer and lenses of marl , grits , sandstone .The age of these lake sediments — Neogene , from 10 to 30 million years . Marl — a mixture of lime and clay . It composes seams and veins in clays , and fills the cracks in the underlying andesites below. Sometimes it can be found in the veins of clear crystals — minerals  of calcite .

Water eroded clay and crushed stone and gravel , formed a quirky relief — » Valley of Castles » .It is  one of the most exotic holiday destinations. Unique forms of erosion and weathering of the relief will take you to the fabulous world of fantastic sculptures » Valley of Castles » , where open grand views of the canyons. On this route there are two viewing platforms , 1 foot descent , 3 car parks, which are located at the beginning of the route , 5 yurts , 2 gazebos for recreation and reed house on 10 seats .

» Cemeteries and burial mounds «

  The route is on the 219 km off the east route Almaty — Chundzha . The route starts at the 208 kilometer route Almaty — Chundzha after turning onto a dirt road in a westerly direction . To get to the route «cemeteries and burial mounds » in the second direction it is necessary to go on the road Chundzha — Almaty westward drive from Chundzha village . Next, moving to the west at 22 km turn on the index mark to the right onto a dirt road ( straight on the road ) . Directly » cemeteries and burial mounds » are located 12 kilometers from the highway .

            Along the way of the route you can see panoramic view of the ashen grove , on the west side the view of the mountain Large Buguty , which stretch from the north — west to south — east , as well as along the way you can enjoy the beauty of steppe grasses . The Republic of Kazakhstan is represented by a wide variety of historical and cultural monuments that reveal the history of tribes and peoples who inhabited it in antiquity and telling about the life of almost all ages — from primitive society to modern.